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In a country where the demands for energy projects are growing exponentially, where the challenge is to make a more productive, dynamic and competitive energy sector in the face of great national and global challenges, it is important that the public and private companies interested in participating in the sector, have the highest level of advice with the knowledge and capacities to give the clients innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

MCM Abogados is a boutique law firm, leader in the energy and natural resources sector with a global perspective, integrated by a team of specialists of renowned expertise. The purpose of MCM Abogados is to provide our clients with quality, intense and creative work to solve the legal challenges they face in an effective and efficient manner, and with an excellent response capabilities, always procuring to maintain reasonable costs. The aforementioned makes MCM Abogados a competitive law firm in a dynamic energy sector in constant growth.

The commitment and active involvement of the Firm’s lawyers, as well as their degree of knowledge of the sector, along with their knowledge of commercial and business matters, allows the Firm to provide its clients solid commercial criteria in all of the matters in which MCM Abogados is involved. The aforementioned has allowed MCM Abogados to keep a constant growth in its client portfolio and in its personnel, to provide services of the highest quality.

Notwithstanding that MCM Abogados is a boutique law firm, the Firm has been constantly recognized as one of the leader law firms in the sector and has been recognized by several national and international clients for its vast experience and capacity to solve problems efficiently.